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Memory CPU Power Storage Bandwidth Locations OS Price
2GB 2 Corex 3Ghz 25 GBSSD NVMe 10 TB $8.99/moOn Annually - Save 5% ORDER
16GB 4 Corex 3Ghz 100 GBSSD NVMe Unlimited $13.99/moOn Annually - Save 5% ORDER
32GB 8 Corex 3Ghz 250 GBSSD NVMe Unlimited $24.99/moOn Annually - Save 5% ORDER
64GB 16 Corex 3Ghz 500 GBSSD NVMe Unlimited $47.99/moOn Annually - Save 5% ORDER
128GB 32 Corex 3Ghz 1000 GBSSD NVMe Unlimited $84.99/moOn Annually - Save 5% ORDER

Linux VPS Hosting Specifications

Unleashing Robust and Reliable Virtual Private Servers: Expertly Engineered for Maximum Uptime, Enhanced Security, Scalable Resources, and High-Speed Performance to Meet Your Most Demanding Technical Specifications


Windows VPS maintains confidentiality through strong encryption, secure access controls, and private networking, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected from unauthorized access and breaches.


It upholds data integrity with reliable authentication protocols, consistent backups, and system audits. This approach ensures that information remains accurate and unaltered during storage and transmission.


Windows VPS enhances accessibility with high uptime, scalable resources, and user-friendly management tools. This ensures that authorized users have continuous and efficient access to their data and applications.


Empower your business with Windows VPS Hosting: unparalleled customization, robust security, and scalable performance tailored for seamless operations and growth in the digital landscape


SSH Access

Access your Linux VPS remotely with ease, providing a flexible and efficient management solution.



With full Root access, you can install any software and fully customize your server environment to your liking.



Enhanced security features protect your data, ensuring your operations are safe from threats and vulnerabilities.



Dedicated resources mean your applications run smoothly, without the lag associated with shared hosting solutions.


You can count on us! We make sure that you are satisfied and happy with our services by all means.


We have tried to answer maximum questions but if you still have any doubt or queries then feel free to contact us without any hesitation!

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

The virtual private server type of online hosting has been designed specifically for small and medium scale companies and also for individuals who wish to have a lot of freedom in organizing and configuring all of their online servers whichever way they want to at very economical prices.

VPS hosting gives you high performance with an isolated environment where the CPU, RAM and storage is 100% dedicated and not shared with any other websites or apps. That, compared to shared hosting, results in higher performance and security along with more flexibility and control over the server.

VPS hosting also offers higher resources and bandwidth/traffic than shared hosting, which means faster load times and unlimited traffic. A VPS allows the admin more control over security hardening and is less vulnerable to hackers in comparison to shared hosting. With shared hosting, if a site gets hacked there’s a greater chance that other websites on the server will also be compromised. Conversely, due to virtual isolation, a hacked VPS on the same hardware, won’t affect surrounding VPS environments.

And with root/administrator access, there are no restrictions on the applications you install; you can access and edit the system files, settings and server logons.

Yes, VPS hosting is best suited for web developers and system administrators that have the technical knowledge to manage a server. VPS offers more power and flexibility than standard shared hosting, and with it comes more server management complexity.

Unlike a regular shared hosting account, each virtual private server has its dedicated slice of the RAM, CPU, and disk space. As a result, what you do will not affect the other VPS on the machine. You can reboot the VPS anytime you want, and you will have root access. Potentially, you can configure almost anything on a virtual private server as long as you know how to do it since it provides complete resource limit management freedom. Meanwhile, a shared hosting account has certain limitations set by the hosting provider.

Think of it this way. VPS hosting is like having an apartment or a hotel room. You have your walls, doors, and a bathroom. You possess the privacy of your room and more or less can do anything you desire. Of course, the infrastructure will be shared with the other residents in the apartment building.

For comparison, a shared hosting account is like having a bed in a dormitory. You share a bathroom, common area and so on.

You can install any type of VPN Server like OpenVPN and use the VPS as VPN.

Yes, you can install cPanel on VPS with us. It is very easy to install and operate. You can also request us to install cPanel on your VPS, we will do it free of cost.

To access and use VPS hosting, a domain name is not mandatory. Virtual servers have a dedicated IP address, which you can access through any browser. However, if your goal is to publish a functional website, a domain name will be needed at some point. But a virtual private server can still be used without one.

Opting for VPS over a dedicated server offers cost savings, as VPS is more affordable with shared infrastructure costs. It provides scalable resources to easily adjust to fluctuating demands, requires less technical expertise with simpler management, and ensures rapid deployment, making it ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and temporary projects.

Although the average time for us to provision your account will likely be mere minutes, it may take up to 24 hours or more. But, if you need your hosting right away, please contact us and we'll do our best to speed things up.